Special moments are worth capturing on camera – which is exactly why your event deserves to be preserved with beautiful and professional photography. Why not hire an event photographer to help you make the most out of your celebration?  

Before selecting a photographer, it is important to have the right knowledge about who exactly you want to hire. Unlike other event services such as food and floral arrangements, you can’t really gauge the quality of a photographer’s work until the event is over and the pictures are out. Here’s some advice for hiring the right person for the job: 

1. Know What Style You Want

Getting inspired with different images is a great way to begin your research. Whether it’s from a magazine, event planning book, or online, find a collection of photos that you enjoy and try to narrow in on what draws you to them. Is it the colours? The contrast? A more formal approach versus candid shots? If there are particular styles that you love, look for a photographer that can replicate or specialize in those techniques. 


2. Review Their Work 

Photographers will typically show prospective clients a portfolio of their best pictures. The problem with this, however, is that you won’t get a well-rounded idea of their work. Once you have found a potential photographer, it is important to review their photos from a wide variety of projects, personal websites, blogs, and social media pages. The design of these pages may also give you a clue about the photographer’s sensibility and aesthetic approach.  

3. Find Some References

How well will the photographer work? Was he/she a friendly and professional person? Did they produce the right results? If possible, ask for the contact details from previous clients. This should really give you an idea about their job capabilities and experience.


4. Get to Know Them 

Before hiring a photographer, it’s a good idea to meet them in person to assess whether your personalities mesh. As a client, you should always feel at ease to ask questions, discuss ideas, or make requests. Potential questions to ask include: 

  • Will they be photographing the event themselves? 
  • How many events did they shoot in the last year? 
  • What kind of equipment do they use for covering such events? 
  • Is this their full-time profession or a side job/hobby? 
  • What is the turnaround time for the delivery of the pictures? 

5. Compare the Costs

The price for an event photographer may depend on several factors, such as time, equipment, the photographer’s experience, and traveling costs. Get a few estimates from different photographers and compare the prices according to their specialties. Also, take into account whether there are any hidden charges that may exceed your budget. Find out if the discussed price includes the cost of the flash drive, prints, editing, etc.  

    Taking the time to research your event photographer can make all the difference. By following these tips, your chosen photographer should be professional, qualified, and provide you with a wonderful product at the end. Bring the best out of your event with a great photographer!