It’s important to have an event that looks great – and this includes you, and what you’re wearing! By putting in that extra effort into making sure your clothes fit well, you can feel more relaxed and confident at your next event. Here are some tips for putting on a great look.


1. Ask for help

Are you conflicted about your clothing choices? It might be a good idea to get a second opinion about your outfit, whether it’s from a spouse, family member, or friend.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your clothes fit well and that everything is spot on! Is your necktie tied properly? Are your buttons done up right? Did the dress zip properly? Are there any loose, flyaway strands of hair?  Having another pair of eyes can be really helpful when dressing for an event.


2. Think about the context

You never want to be the person who’s overdressed or underdressed at an event. You’re probably going to feel self-conscious and out of place, which is exactly why it’s important to know what the event is going to be like before you attend. Get as much information as possible, and double check with other attendees to make sure that you’re on the same page as them. What are the other guests going to wear? What kind of event setting should you expect? Is it formal or casual? Themed?


3. Groom yourself before you go

Poor grooming leads to a poor impression. Make an effort with your appearance on things such as trimming your nails, showering, and getting your hair done before you attend an event or business meeting.


4. Be comfortable

It’s important to look good, but it’s also important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you’re attending an event that requires movement, such as walking around or dancing, it might not be a good idea to wear a really tight dress with high stilettos. By wearing something that allows you to move freely, you can reserve your energy and focus on having a great time.


5. Be confident

Never leave the house in an outfit that makes you feel embarrassed or self-conscious. You always want to feel good in what you’re wearing, especially if it’s at a social gathering. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it could be time for some alterations. Make sure your clothes are tailored to your body correctly, and that you actually like what you’re wearing.


Lastly, keep it simple. Understated is always better than over-the-top. Don’t try to upstage the other attendees by wearing something outrageous and out of place. If you’re unsure about whether an outfit is appropriate, it probably isn’t (or might make you feel self-conscious the entire time). You can’t go wrong by keeping it simple and well-fitted!