Whether you’re a new event planner or a seasoned pro, it’s important to reflect on your work to create even better experiences in the future. Your previous events might have been sold out — maybe your attendees had an amazing time, and the fundraiser or conference was an absolute success. However, it’s important to remember that new ideas and cultural shifts are bound to happen, and when they do, you should be prepared to adapt. Keep reading for some tips on how to grow, evolve and improve your events!


1. Ask for feedback

Post-event feedback is always important to any event planner or organizer. It provides valuable information of what went right or wrong, and gives you a better perspective of your event from an attendee’s point of view. A great way to gather feedback is through online surveys, such as SurveyMonkey, or by using social media and online discussion boards. 


2. Improve upon your mistakes

Once you have identified an area that could be worked on, take action and start making changes! Whether the issue is big or small, it’s important to consider all of the constructive criticism that you may receive. Feedback becomes redundant if you don’t work towards fixing the problems.


3. Improve relationships

Always treat your staff, clients and fellow organizers with respect! Instead of a brief and corporate approach, it’s a good idea to keep the working atmosphere friendly and personable. Cultivating strong relationships in the event industry is key to success, and is something that Trident Banquet Hall strongly believes in. 


4. Revisit and revise

 If you’re throwing an annual event, it might be a good idea to refresh your branding and produce new content for advertising. Rather than reusing your old material, look to expand your audience by keeping it fresh and interesting. How would different demographics react to your advertising campaign? 


5. Take a risk and do something different

What’s trendy right now? Keep an eye out for popular event themes, décor and food items, and search for inspiration from different sources. Although it may seem daunting to try something new, a unique spin will likely impress attendees and leave a memorable impression. Brainstorm with your team about different ideas and possibilities, and remember to collect feedback from them!

As you strive to create bigger and better events, it’s only natural to make some mistakes. However, with the help of your team and former attendees, you’ll be able to improve by adapting to changes and fixing previous mistakes. The event industry is constantly evolving – so why not remain open-minded about trying new strategies and design methods? If you’ve got more event planning questions, contact Trident Banquet Hall today.