Surprise Birthday Party

We really miss celebrating events with you, which is why we’re sharing this special memory!

Last year, Trident Banquet Hall had the pleasure of hosting a 60th surprise birthday party. Did you know that surprise parties are one of the trickiest parties to pull off?

Every detail matters, the guest of honour must remain in the dark throughout the entire process, and not everyone may be up for the challenge of planning such an event. But when planned effectively, surprise parties can be one of the most memorable ways to celebrate any occasion.

So, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your next event, check out how we helped our clients plan an epic, stress-free surprise party.

What did we do?



On behalf of our client, we planned the theme and provided the décor. Our rustic vintage theme featured floral centerpieces raised on unfinished wood chargers and additional decorations made with burlap and lace.

With approximately 100 guests in attendance, our large hall (which normally holds 300) had plenty of open space. As such, every table was arranged around the dance floor, leaving plenty of room for mingling and dancing.

We also ensured that the foyer was set up into a comfortable lounge area for light conversation and plenty of photo-taking!


Live Band

Every party needs a great soundtrack. We hired a live band to play both Ukrainian and popular music throughout the evening – catering to both the younger and older crowds. Before the food even came out, the dance floor was buzzing!


Photo Backdrop

We teamed up with a local vendor, @lala.designs_toronto, for a personalized balloon photo backdrop. Perhaps the star of the show, the backdrop was constantly surrounded by family and friends taking pictures and making memories!



Let’s be honest, most parties revolve around the food. We planned the menu on behalf of our client and ordered catering from Osteria Gente, an authentic Italian restaurant. The menu consisted of delicious antipasto, penne, meat, branzino fish, and much more! 

Since this was a surprise party, we organized for the antipasto to be served prior to the guest of honour’s arrival. This ensured that the guests remained happy and satisfied until the big moment arrived!

Open Bar & Bartending

Drinks were provided by us and served at our bar. Guests enjoyed a variety of drink options at the open bar, which was managed by our very own bartender. 


When the guest of honour finally arrived through the side entrance, we’re pleased to say that she was completely surprised and elated! There may have been a few tears shed…but we’ll keep that between us.

We had so much fun organizing this event, and we hope to host many more birthday surprises in the future.