Dinner and Show Event

November 2021
Live Performances and Prix-Fixe Menu

Bistro Weekly Specials

Lunch: Tues, Wed, Thurs – 11am to 1pm
Dinner: Wed and Thurs Only – 5pm to 9pm

Café Orders Available For Pick-Up Only

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions put in place for Toronto, all café orders are now available for pick-up only. Orders must be placed by 4:00PM and picked up by 6:00PM. Contact us for special requests.

Health and safety of our staff and visitors remains our top priority.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are dedicated to ensuring that we are minimizing the risk of transmission by remaining vigilant about exercising proper safety measures.

Your Event Is a Dream –
That We Can Turn Into Reality

If you’ve always dreamed of hosting the perfect event in a charming venue, then this is it!

Mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19.

Thanks to the community’s collective efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are finally able to see some positive signs of flattening the curve. Although businesses are starting to re-open and the Provincial Government is beginning to relax some of the restrictions, the team at Trident Banquet Hall will continue to be vigilant with safety measures. We will monitor the Government of Ontario’s opening plans for Stage 3 (scheduled for the end of August) which will include the reopening of banquet halls.

As restrictions begin to relax throughout the country, event planners may have questions about their own upcoming events. If you choose to continue with your event, it’s important to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 and to follow proper health and safety guidelines. As such, hosting meetings and events during the coronavirus pandemic will require several changes to ensure that all parties involved are safe. At Trident Banquet Hall, we take these measures very seriously. We have focused on a few key areas to provide the requirements for safe meetings and events: extra health and safety protocols, social distancing arrangements, and individual meal packaging.

Trident Banquet Hall has enforced proper sanitation policies to keep all staff and visitors safe and protected. At our venue, we make sure to prepare adequate time between meetings to ensure proper sanitization of the rooms. We clean the rented space and equipment prior to meetings and disinfect again afterwards. During the pandemic, we will continue to provide gourmet food for your enjoyment while following safety procedures. In the kitchen, our employees work with gloves and masks at all times, keep a safe distance apart, and work with minimal touch/interruptions. Employees must wash their hands every hour and sanitize upon reentry into the kitchen. All meals will be individually packaged for each person. Lastly, utensils and glassware are sanitized and wrapped before use.

Trident Banquet Hall will always prioritize the health and safety of our staff and visitors. Thank you for your support as we continue to work through these tough times.

Trident Banquet Hall and Convention Centre is fully prepared to serve all of your celebration needs. Let us help you create a beautiful and memorable celebration without the stress of breaking your budget. With decades of experience in providing guests with delicious food and warm hospitality, we have truly succeeded in establishing a first-rate event venue.

Trident Banquet Hall is a fully customizable venue that works perfectly for any event! Whether you are planning a wedding, shower, or corporate event, we have the space you’re looking for! With modern and fresh décor, a variety of room sizes, free parking, and expert event coordinators, we will help you turn your event into the party of your dreams.

Together, we can turn your dreams into reality.

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