Malanka 2020

Happy Malanka to everybody! On January 25th, we celebrated the Ukrainian New Year right here at Trident Banquet Hall. The low lights, delicious drinks and Ukrainian live band transformed the space into a festive party for all to enjoy. The set-up began with long and round tables that were scattered around the room, seating as few as a party of 6 and as many as a party of 12.This free-flowing layout was able to encourage social interactions between the guests while they sipped champagne and ate an assortment of foods. For Malanka, we prepared a grand kozak table and hearty meals that were served family-style. Some of the food items include: fresh garden salad, cabbage rolls, chicken kiev, roasted potato wedges, knishes, a decadent mushroom gravy and more. For dessert, guests were given a plate of cream puff pastries, eclairs with icing and berries.

As per the client’s request, Castillo de Almansa Reserva was offered throughout the night, along with a variety of mixed drinks that were served at the bar. Guests had the opportunity to dance their heart out on the spacious dance floor and indulge in a late night buffet afterwards. The buffet had our famous pierogi station, salads, fruit trays and a mix of decadent desserts. Families, friends and couples then embraced the traditional Ukrainian music and enjoyed a round of champagne after the midnight count-down. Dancing continued until 2 AM!

With over 225 attendees that celebrated the new year with us on this unforgettable night, Trident Banquet Hall is proud to say that Malanka was a huge success. We look forward to next year’s celebrations.