The Wedding of Karen & Andrew

On June 1st, 2019, we hosted a simple and elegant wedding for the lovely couple Karen & Andrew. Following their lovely ceremony, Trident Banquet Hall was able to seamlessly transform into a lively reception. Guests were greeted with a traditional charcuterie spread, shots and the opportunity to view photos of the bride and groom from their engagement photoshoot. The reception had a fun, social atmosphere that included live music and impressive table displays of sweets, pierogies and wedding cake.

We planned this event with Polish customs in mind, with the reception ending with the traditional presentation of bread and salt. The bread, specially prepared, is offered so that the couple may never know hunger, while salt reminds them of life’s difficulties and the importance of coping through life’s struggles.

As per the wonderful bride’s request, we prepared modern décor with hints of tradition that featured live flowers, fresh greenery, a stunning backdrop and gorgeous centrepieces. The hall was transformed into a dreamy, romantic setting with pops of purple and blue. Regal candles were placed around the table displays, adding elegance and soft lights to the reception.

Congratulations to Karen & Andrew, and thanks for including us in your beautiful and unforgettable day!